Here’s what has happened since the last update:

It’s officially been over three months since the last update. We were originally hoping to be open by now, but our State Legislature has had other thoughts, and so here we are, about six weeks behind! Finally though, we’re over the regulatory hump, and the barn will soon be filled with the smells of warm grains, fruity hops, and bready yeast.

I got married! And yes, I brewed beer for the reception! I made a Northeast IPA, an Irish Red, an American Amber Ale, a Jalapeno-Lime Kolsch, and a Milk Stout. All of these recipes were ours, and these beers will all make appearances in the Brew-Barn fromKeg Full of Irish Red! time to time – some will even be available upon opening!

The end to the paperwork/legal maze is here! After our Federal application was complete a few months ago, we thought we should be at most two months from opening. However, due to a clerical error within our State Government, we waited over three months for their acceptance. After that, we finished the legal steps for the county. Now, we’re ready to brew!

As usual, it’s time to give thanks to everyone who has helped us thus far. Huge thanks to Kyler Hoffman for tons of woodwork and finish work, thanks to Meister Wood & Finish, Popejoy, the Stephens family, and Charles Adkins. If it weren’t for these people and businesses, we wouldn’t be almost ready to open.

On the Remodel Front:

  • The bar front is nearly finished
  • The finish wood is all up
  • The taproom stain is all complete
  • The bathrooms have been built, insulated, and painted/stained
  • The tap system was fabricated and installed
  • There is running water throughout the whole building nowOn the Equipment Front:
  • We set our final fermenters in place
  • We had our water heaters installed
  • I picked up our first full load of ingredients
  • We fabricated our mill housing for grinding grain
  • We finished the cold room racking and storage system


On the Legal Front:

  • We are finished with the Federal and State governments, after over 10 months!
  • We have our county licenses
  • The only thing left is a health department inspection, and then we are good to go!

What does this all mean?

It means that we are ready to start brewing! In fact, I’ll be brewing our first ever batch as a brewery tomorrow, 12/21. I won’t spill the beans on the beer yet, but know this: I’m probably more excited about this beer than any other beer I’ve ever brewed.

We are shooting for a February 2nd grand opening. That gives us the time to make sure everything is running smoothly and that all of our beers are ready and at their peak for the open. We can’t wait to see you all out there in the next month or two! I’ll be sharing more pictures, videos, and updates as we get closer to the opening weekend!

Drink Free,

Lincoln Slagel




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