Brew Barn Update: 09/04/18

Here’s what has been happening out at the Brew Barn:

It’s been over two months since the last post! Wow! Sorry about that, we’ve just been extremely busy! We’ve made progress on every front, and below, you can read all about it, and see the proof! But first, I’ve got to give some credit…

Thanks to Kyler Hoffman for helping us with woodwork, planning some of the interior work, and even helping us move some extremely heavy equipment. Also, a huge thanks to Skeleton Key Brewery in Woodridge, IL. If you’re ever in the Southwest Suburbs, stop at their taproom. It’s a fantastic place with an awesome theme and even better beers. One of their owners, Emily, has helped me wade through the seemingly mile-deep pile of paperwork that it takes to start a brewery. Without her, I’m not sure where we’d be! Finally, thanks to Popejoy Inc., Meister Wood & Finish, Doug & Derek Stephens, and Ricketts’ Refrigeration, amongst others. They’ve all helped us move this project along much more quickly than we could’ve by ourselves.

On the Remodel Front:

  • We’ve got the windows from the taproom into the brew room cut out
  • The beginning of the bar was framed up
  • The cold room was finished, including the cooling system
  • The first taps were put in place


On the Equipment Front:

  • We got our brewhouse in!
  • We got a few more fermenters in
  • Received our first order of supplies
  • Received our first kegs


On the Legal Front:

  • We finally got our TTB brewer’s notice! We’ve waited for over four months, and done ridiculous amounts of paperwork, but it’s finally here!
  • We submitted the state paperwork – this can take a few weeks, but it’s the second-to-last step in the legal process – we’re getting close!


What does this all mean?

It means that we are getting close to being able to legally brew beer! It’s been a long road, and thanks to everyone’s help, we are finally nearly there.

See you all soon!


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