Brew Barn Update 5/11/18 & Intro to the “DrinkFree” Series!

Hello! Welcome to the blog, where I cover Brew Barn updates, and soon, the new “DrinkFree” Series, which I’ll introduce after the update.

Here’s what has been happening out at the Brew Barn:

On the Remodel Front:

Since last update, a lot of work has been done, nearly all of it by Meister Wood & Finish. They’ve framed up doors, poured concrete, and framed up our cold room, among many other things. Huge thanks to them, they’ve done a great job and helped us move things along much more quickly than we expected.

  • The cold room was framed up. This is where all the glorious finished beverages will be kept at serving temperature, and served from taps that are mounted on the wall.
  • The concrete was poured! This finished off the floor drains, leveled off the some of the old floor, and generally made the brewing area workable. Luckily, we were able to keep a lot of the original concrete that dates back to at least the 1950’s, if not earlier. And, the whole tasting room will still be the original concrete, which is part of trying to keep a lot of the barn original, a big priority of mine throughout this whole process.
  • The main entrance doors were framed up.
  • Conduit was run
  • Some of the walls were put up.

On the Legal Front: 

  • We got our Illinois Business Authorization, tax information, and all the other state level prerequisites for the state craft brewer’s license
  • We have the Federal TTB application nearly finished, and will be submitting that shortly

What Does all This Mean?

It means we are making progress. Everything takes longer than anyone would like, and there’s no getting around it. I’m hoping for a Late August open date, but I believe a Late September open date is probably more likely. The waiting is the hardest part for us too…

The “DrinkFree” Series

This series is an idea I’ve been working on for a while, and it will be aimed at increasing consumer knowledge. DrinkFree means many things to me, and empowering people to make good consumer decisions is one of them.

Here’s a couple facts:

  1. Good beer is rarely cheap.
  2. Just because a beer is expensive does not mean you will like it.

Not everybody has time to read books about beer styles or study to be a certified beer judge by learned on a deep level what each beer style is, what is should be like, and what the commercial examples are. As it’s my passion, and soon to be my job, I’ve spent the last couple years doing exactly that. The problem is, most literature on beer is for brewers, whether casual or professional, and is too deep and full of jargon for an uninitiated person to understand. It’s just another way that craft beer tends to be intimidating for unexperienced beer drinkers.

I’m here to lift the cloud. Debunk the myths. Explain the styles. Cut through the marketing “mumbo-jumbo”. Basically, I want to arm you with information that will help you make good purchasing decisions.

Starting tomorrow (5/12/18), I’ll post my first weekly DrinkFree post, titled:

“DrinkFree: Dark Beers – Debunked”

I look forward to hearing feedback from anyone who wants to give it!

Drink Free,

Lincoln Slagel

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