Brew Barn Update 4/19/18 + Getting Into Craft Beer

Hello! It’s been a whole month since the last update, and that’s simply because we’ve been extremely busy trying to move the project along! Here’s an update:

On the Remodel Front:

First, thank you’s. Thanks again to Popejoy Inc. for helping us with the plumbing & HVAC. Everything looks great! A big thanks to Kyler Hoffman, who has helped out in the evenings on multiple occasions, and continues to contribute to our project. Also, thank you to Anthony Ashner, who has provided our logos so far, and will be working with us on our graphic design needs.

  • The HVAC work is 100% complete, and we now have working heat, which makes working in the Barn much more enjoyable!
  • All the walls are sanded, and some are painted
  • The concrete was cut for the plumbing
  • The in-floor drains have been planned and sized
  • The bathroom plans have been made

On the Brewery Front:

  • We are roughly a month away from receiving our Brewhouse
  • Our first fermenter is assembled & ready for action

On the Beer Front:

  • Our first NE style IPA was a success, and after a couple tweaks, will be 100% ready for production
  • Straw Hat, our jalapeno lime beer, is already one of my favorites, so after some tweaking, it will also be ready! I can confirm, it goes great with tacos. And without. But tacos never hurt…
  • We are completing some age testing to fine tune expiration dates for a couple of the beers. Since not all beers have the same shelf life, depending on the ingredients, we don’t want to take a one-size-fits-all approach to drink-by date.

So you want to get into craft beer?

I often get asked how one begins down the rabbit hole of craft beer. My best answer is to find a close relative of what you already like, and start there. You don’t need to jump into the deep end of West Coast IPA’s or Imperial Stouts. Take baby steps. For example, if you like Blue Moon with an orange slice, next time you’re in Binny’s, ask them for Allagash White. If you like Guinness, ask them for Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout. If you like Goose Island 312, ask them for Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat. If you like Budweiser, ask them for Pilsner Urquell. So on… That’s the best way to start in my opinion, because you’re sure to like them, and you can experience more flavors without risking a $12 six-pack.

Another great way is to download the Untappd application for your phone. It’s like a Facebook for beer! On this app, you can track which beers you’ve had by making a “check-in”, you can rate them, save your favorites, and even have it notify you when one of your favorite beers is offered at a nearby establishment. However, the best part of the app for beginners, in my opinion, is the “similar beers” function. Type in your favorite beer, and it will tell you the style, and other beers like it. Using this can give you other beers to look out for. Another great feature is that you can add friends, see what they’re drinking, and even comment/toast (toasting is like liking on Facebook) their checked-in beers. I only look at my Untappd when I am checking in a beer I’m drinking, but it’s always fun to see what my friends have been drinking, and see how they’re liking it. If you want to join, it’s free! Add me (username: lrslagel) and you can see which beers I’m trying, what I think about them, and even message questions! Just as great, I will be able to see the beers you are drinking! Here’s a screenshot of one of my recent check-ins:Untappd

So, if you really want to get into craft beer, do these things to start. Don’t let it be intimidating, doing it in baby steps makes it fun! The journey of discovering new flavors, styles, beers, and breweries is half the fun!

Thanks for reading, I’ll update when there’s enough news to write about! I don’t want to pester you all with emails, posts, etc. too far in advance of actually opening.

Drink Free,

Lincoln Slagel








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