What Will the Taproom be Like? + Brew Barn Update 3/19/18


I’ve had some questions about what the taproom will be like, so here I am with some answers!

  • Will we be serving food? The main question people have had is concerning food. Due to the regulatory requirements involved in making beer and serving food in the same place, as well as the fact that the brew barn has limited space, we have decided not to offer food at this time. However, everyone can feel free to bring their food and eat in the taproom! Whether you grilled some steak at home, got Chinese takeout, or picked up a pizza and wings, just pack it up and bring it out! We will have some pre-packaged food like pretzels, jerky, cheese, etc., but nothing hot or made on site.
  • What will the atmosphere be like? We want the taproom to be a place where people can come to meet their relatives, friends, and generally see people you haven’t seen in way too long. We want there to be good conversation, good fun, and good beer. It will be comfortable, cozy, and a generally welcoming environment. We hope people come out with the people they like to spend time with, have a couple beers, and grab a growler and some beers to take home.
  • What will we be serving? Without being too specific for now, we will be serving everything! Not all at once of course, but we aren’t going to limit ourselves to American beer, German Beer, or Belgian Beer. We brew what tastes good and what we think people will want to drink. We’ll be offering everything from easy drinking Pilsners to IPA’s and Stouts. If we haven’t made something you like, let us know, and we’ll work on creating it for you. Beyond beers, we’ll have non-alcoholic options like craft sodas and teas for people who don’t like beer and all our friends under 21.
  • Any special beers? Beyond the regular style beers, we’ll be doing small batch beers made with local, non-traditional ingredients. Imagine beers made with local honeysuckle, dandelions, tree bark, maple sap, rhubarb, and many other local components. These will be taproom-only beers, so you’ll have to come out to try them!
  • How can people get involved? If you have any cool ideas, whether it be for special events, beers, sodas, etc. just reach out in the “Contact Us” section of the website!

Brew Barn Update:

In general, things are moving along pretty well. The legal process is taking longer than we hoped, and as always, it’s just a waiting game.

On the Remodel Front:

First of all, huge thanks to Slagel Construction, Meister Wood & Finish, and Popejoy Inc. for all they’ve done on the project thus far. They all do great work!

  • The stairs were built using repurposed lumber
  • The landing in the haymough was closed in and framed up
  • The HVAC work is mostly complete

On the Brewery Front:

  • We got our first fermenter in! Fermenter pic

On the Beer Front:

  • Straw Hat (Jalapeno Lime Kolsch) just had the second round of Jalapenos and Lime peel added, and should be ready to test at the end of the week!
  • Illumination (NE Style IPA) is carbonating, and will be tasted for the first time today!

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Drink Free,

Lincoln Slagel

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