Brew Barn Update 3/13/18

Progress is happening in the Brew Barn, and things are finally starting to take shape! Here’s a little update on the different aspects of the brewery:

On the remodel front:

  • HVAC work is beginning today!
  • The utility room walls were sanded and painted on Saturday in their original, pre-1950 paint scheme in preparation for HVAC
  • The barn was fully spray foam insulated at the beginning of last week
  • Measurements and plans were made for the stairway to the haymough
  • Plans were made for the window that will be behind the bar to see through to the brew room


barn pic
Pre and post insulation



Milkhouse Walls
The Furnace Room walls and ceiling refinished in their original pre-1950’s colors


On the Brewery Front:

  • The brewhouse was ordered, and is expected sometime in May
  • The first fermenter was ordered, and will be here by the end of the week for inspection and assembly
  • The final LLC organization paperwork should be back to us this week, allowing us to begin the official brewing paperwork

On the Beer Front:

– Our test batches of Straw Hat (Jalapeno Lime Kolsch) and Illumination (NE Style IPA) are finished fermenting, and will be kegged this week to be carbonated and tested!


Jalapeno pic
Jalapenos ready to be roasted before adding to our test batch of Straw Hat


Thanks for following along, next week will come with another update!


Drink Free,

Lincoln Slagel


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