Drink Free.

Emancipation is a weird name for a brewery. Yeah, I get it. And yes, I understand that the first thing that pops into your mind when you read it is the document & accompanying speech that President Lincoln gave that symbolized the beginning of the end of one of the darkest periods of history. Just hear me out.

What does beer have to do with Abe Lincoln or the Emancipation Proclamation? Well, not much specifically. It does, however, have a lot to do with the definition of the word “Emancipation”.

Emancipation – “the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation”

Throughout history, the word has been used in situations like the freedom of slaves, the increase in enabling women to have the same opportunities as men, freeing minors in bad home/life situations, multiple countries’ freedom from colonialism, the Jewish people’s freedom from genocide orchestrated by the Nazi’s, and the general movements toward personal freedom to do whatever one wants, as long as it’s not hurting anyone else.

Wow, that stuff is heavy. Onto the beer.

Emancipation is a word that means a lot in the context of beer and alcohol in general. To me, it has three main meanings, and they have become the pillars to which I am building this brand on.

  1. Freedom from faceless, mostly tasteless beer – For decades, people have consumed beer made in a huge factory with a secret ingredient list by companies that market their beer to the lowest common denominator. Usually they hide the fact that their beer is subpar by trying to make it look cool or show its consumers in great situations as a result of drinking their beer. We’re better than that.
  2. Freedom from snobbery – Just as importantly, craft beer can come with snobbiness. Sometimes it seems like breweries and craft beer drinkers alike are in a contest to see who is the most “crafty”. Exclusively drinking double IPA’s and Imperial Stouts does not make one any more of a beer enthusiast or beer drinker than someone who loves wheat beer. Brewing exclusively IPA’s and Imperial Stouts does not make a brewery any more crafty than a brewery making flavorful session beers. Don’t feel bad about what you drink. Drink what you like.
  3. Freedom from alcohol – Don’t be a slave to alcohol. You are free to drink as much as you want, but if you lose control, you’re losing your ability to act under your own free will and possibly encroaching on other peoples’ right to safety. Craft beer is meant to be tasted and enjoyed. It’s about the process and the experience, not the byproduct. It’s about bringing people together in a responsible way. Enjoy a conversation with a friend over a great beer or two. Pair a beer with your dinner. Have a great beer on the golf course, the canoe, or the beach. I vow to always have Emancipation Brewing stand for freedom from alcohol abuse just as much as freedom from tasteless, faceless beer or craft snobbery. Because without freedom from overuse, nothing else matters. Always remember, drinking should be a hobby, not a habit.

I’ve summed these ideas into two words: “Drink Free”

Our goal is to provide you with beers you want to drink, with no pressure or snobbery, while being as transparent as possible. We want you all to be a part of the Emancipation team, and help us spread the word about what we stand for.

I invite you to follow along with our journey, and to support us by making Emancipation Beers your choice to make your moments that little bit more special.

So don’t drink faceless beer made with a hidden ingredient list. Drink beer made with a list of ingredients you can find. Don’t drink what other people tell you to drink. Drink what you want to drink. Don’t drink too much. Drink Free.



Lincoln Slagel



4 thoughts on “Drink Free.

  1. I love your Brewery and everything it stands for…this is coming from a Busch Lite drinker. I am proud to say I love Kim’s Irish Red. I was afraid to explore Craft Beers before but not in this tool shed. We have our Board Meetings on Thursday Night at Emancipation…or at least that is what we are calling them. I am excited about drinking flavorful beers. Thank you! Slainte


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